I am a 52 year old man, I had (moobs) male boobs since I can remember, I heard about Rachel and INCH GO LIPO and decided to give it a try as surgical procedures were very expensive.. I was very sceptical about the treatment at first but Rachel was very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease.. the clinic is homely yet professional and private…. the treatments were painless and quite relaxing… the results blew my mind, instead of moobs I have a CHEST ! A good shape Male CHEST .. words cannot describe how grateful I am to Rachel and her miracle machine (that’s what I call it) because for me it is a miracle. The treatment was worth every penny. I am a different man thanks to Rachel. Life changer!

~John, Llanishen


5* brilliant facial! Was having issues with my pores during chemo therapy and my skin wasn’t as it once was. One treatment and I was already feeling and looking much better, you see instant results. Totally pain free and I am a sissy so trust me when I say it’s pain free. Very relaxing. Rachel is amazing! So friendly and professional. Definitely recommend to anyone.

~Elise, Cardiff


I consider myself to be someone who doesn’t fall for the hype surrounding the next new fad but I’m willing to do my homework and try almost anything at least once. This is why I’ve had treatment at inchgolipo. Rachel was fantastic in reassuring me there was no pain and she was right. If you’ve ever had an ultrasound scan this is what it reminds me of. The gel and the probe over my tummy no pain. So I had one treatment on my tummy and was amazed. I’ve gone back for more and more. I’ve had my whole tummy including c-section scar smoothed as well as my saddlebags. That and following a healthy eating plan I have lost approx 6 inches on my tummy and hips. The skin is smoother on my stretch marks and it’s so much firmer too. I’ve only had one treatment on my saddlebags and already can see a smoother silhouette in my jeans. The confidence it’s giving me is something I wouldn’t have expected unless I’d had surgery but now I can’t wait to have more more more as there’s no limit to places I could have done. Ok maybe some limits but all I can say is thank you thank you thank you Rachel, you are a star.

~Lee, Whitchurch


After only have one treatment so far I must say I am blown away with the results. Rachel has a very professional clinic but all the friendly warm welcoming of popping to the neighbours for a cuppa. Upon arrival Rachel welcomed us in to her home then took us through to the clinic where she went through in detail what was going to happen. Took photos before and after and explained all the treatments we can have. Great place Great staff Great product.

~Yvonne, Llanbradach


I have had 4 treatments on my backs of the thighs. The results were clear to see after one treatment smoothing out the appearance instantly. After the 4th treatment the skin looked smoother and I was able to wear my shorts on holiday which was why I wanted the treatment in the first place Rachel was warm and comforting the whole way explaining what was going on and made my treatment really relaxing I felt at ease every time I went there. Would highly recommend and can’t wait to get my bum lift.

~Ella, Whitchurch


So far I’ve had 3 treatments with Rachel, including a facial and two sessions on my stomach, brilliant results! Lost 3 inches in total off my stomach area and what’s even better for me was it really helped medically with IBS. It also reduced my streatch marks by 50%! Absolutely over the moon! Very clean, professional and friendly. What’s best is the 3 inches have stayed OFF since my treatment in august, amazing! Thanks Rachel!

~Ceri, Llandaff North


I thought I would try this lipo as I’m not as active as I used to be. Well I can honestly say I do look thinner and with a bit of self toning. The results are great. With the 2 free sessions, I had nothing to lose, financially that is! Booked in for another 2 sessions and will be having more areas done as well. Highly recommended!

~Wyn, Caerphilly


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