Specialist Services

I have been asked if I am able to help and whether I can treat some distressing and traumatic conditions ranging across the board from illness, accident, genetics, life.

My standard reply is always YES, please let me try a miniature treatment for free to see if I can help. If it doesn’t work at least we gave it a go – right?

Well, how can I describe some of the results we have achieved. Listed below are genuine people and real results.

Ladies on chemotherapy have had stunning results and a decrease in their pores as a side affect of their treatment. Visible Lines reduced, stress lines etched onto their face reduced and half hour of total relaxation.

A gent with heavily hooded eye lids. This can be a genetic trait as well as a lifestyle side affect. I raised his eyelids permanently without needles or surgery. No side effects either. He could finally see fully through his eye for the first time in years.

Next I had a young girl with severe scarring on her breasts. She approached me at a business networking event and I arranged to meet her at my Clinic and try to minimise some of her scarring. She was over the moon with her results as she had lost hope and resigned herself to the fact nothing would make a difference. We did. She phoned her Mum in France to tell her the outcome. I was

honoured to be a part of her transformation.

Then I met a lady at a wedding fayre of all places. (Meant to be) she had a stroke 2 years ago and is paralysed on the left side of her face. I asked her if she would kindly allow me to do a mini 15 minute treatment just to see if it could possibly work. We videoed the start of her treatment not knowing what was about to happen. Well, It still gets really emotional just rethinking about her and my tears and reaction to her result. We gave her smile back to her.

A breast cancer recovery client with unsightly scarring around her treated breast. We started by taking before and after pictures and she is over the moon at her result of the significant reduction ti the scarred area and contoured an even shape back fir her. Building someone’s confidence at this stage of their life is miraculous and a pleasure to help. (No photo)

All of these were life changing for the clients. They gave their permission to show the result photo’s so we can reach anyone else who wanted to try this service. The sense of honour to be a part of that was priceless to me. If I won the lottery I would do all treatments for free for everyone, not just Specialist Services.

I’d like to offer anyone a free 15 minute mini treatment on any of your confidence knocking health conditions that you think will never be better unless you had to resort to surgery to try to fix the situation. Never go under the knife again. Always try this first as it’s less trauma to your body than surgery.

I offer the free 15 minutes as this is enough time to see if this will work for you. The reason for the 15 minutes is so we can see if the treatment will work for you. It’s enough time to see. I don’t want to distress you if it doesn’t work and build your hopes up.

I cannot guarantee a result BUT let’s at least try.

What have we got to lose.

Message Rach today and let’s Give YOU back to YOU.

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