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Inch Go Lipo offer an outstanding customer experience in a range of treatments.

Lose inches of fat from treated areas then tighten and tone remaining skin leaving a confidence boosting result – PERMANENTLY

We give You back to You. Try our extensive range of services today.

I got into this particular treatment as I know that I could make my clients feel good about themselves with my nature as well as my machine. Kind of like, bedside manner. My clinic is quiet and relaxing and like a confessional. Group therapy and a girlie ‘best friend’ is how some of my clients have described it.
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What does it mean to you to feel young? For me, it's not about clubbing all night (even if I could do that again, I wouldn't want to)! The women who come to me, want to feel confident, energised and comfortable in their own skin. The women who come to me, want to look...

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