Don’t just get your non-surgical facelift done by any qualified professional, get it done by an award-winning professional! 😉

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This post comes from my phenomenal year. 2018 was an enlightening year for me in my business. On March 8th I was a Keynote Speaker on International Women’s Day. My journey to get to where I am today is traumatic and eventful.

But, we all have our stories, don’t we! They do say how you survive your story makes you stronger. So all you need to know about me is how I am with you as a Client.

What happens in Clinic – stays in Clinic.

You’ll find empathy, experience, laughs, irony, compassion and understanding. That’s standard. I can’t operate at any other level.

You will have a great experience with me, whichever Clinic you visit. And I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Award Notices

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