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BMy Success stories.

I have been treating clients since August 2016. I have completed nearly 300+ treatments. I have 11 5* reviews already. I have had flowers and thank you cards. One of my ladies had a gastric band and it left her with a botched body. I have currently treated her on the area and she has lost 3 inches of fat. Her confidence levels are shining through. It’s amazing to see.

I treated a 52 year old male with a reduction in his chest area. He had built up the courage to go into a cosmetic clinic to enquire about the surgical route and felt intimidated. I persuaded him as he was embarrassed to have treatments with me. I could see a difference, but he could not. It was too good to be true and will not work, he said. At about the sixth treatment, I witnessed a grown man, realise that his body had changed forever and the impossible had just become possible in front of him. I was watching him look to see if he had any results and all of a sudden, it dawned on him that I had removed his problem area. I cried, It was incredible.

One of my Bride’s hated her bingo wings, her Husband to be serves in the army so she always hated her bingo wings so she could surprise him on the day. She lost 1.5” in her first treatment. She was going to surprise him at the wedding by taking her Bolero off.

A man teased in work and could not let it show it bothered him was booked in by his wife for free treatments.

His result was equally impressive.

I love my job, I mix with all sorts of people and personalities, and everyone of you are gawjus. If I can improve your body confidence, your body shape, your cellulite and stretchmarks as well as having a great relaxing session. Then my work is done.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It’s not customary for businesses to do this, but I shoot from the hip and never do what I’m supposed to. If that costs me potential clients, that’s a real shame, but if not, see you in clinic and always remember WHAT HAPPENS IN CLINIC, STAYS IN CLINIC.

So information, facts and figures on a webpage can make your eyes go crossed with boredom. I know it does for me.

So, on my website, I have these facts and figures but I also want to say something to you, as a potential customer. Its a private note from me to you. Rachel, not Inch Go Lipo even though we are the same.

I got into this particular treatment as I know that I could make my clients feel good about themselves with my nature as well as my machine. Kind of like, bedside manner. My clinic is quiet and relaxing and like a confessional. Group therapy and a girlie ‘best friend’ is how some of my clients have described it.

Not all fun and games, I have had immensely private conversations and moving too. I have been known to get a bottle of wine out and listen, just listen. Thought provoking, personal and relieving. Some of my clients have told me things they have never told another person. As well as losing inches off their tummy, they have also lost weight off their shoulders. I know that this will have put off a lot of you because you cannot imagine opening up to a stranger, must less intimate details, but if you want to talk about your primroses or what you are cooking for tea, that’s fine too. We do laugh too!

Since I started my business I offered 20 people two free treatments and the results were miraculous. But now I am batting heads with peoples perception of what I do. So if you want to read about the science, feel free, but let me put it into my own words.

You arrive and fill in some consent forms (the boring but necessary bits) then we get to the good stuff. I measure you around the area you want to be treated then I make a red mark with a felt pen and take a photo. No faces at all.

We then get you on the treatment bed and I decide your treatment when I see your area. It is different for EVERYONE. Then, when you are comfortable I start the treatment.

The first part is gel on your tummy (if having that treated) and it is the same gel as having a baby scan. Ultrasound gel. I even warm it up for you. I then turn the machine on and use the first part of the treatment. If I decide you need the lipo, I move the flat disc over your tummy. It does NOT hurt. Think baby scan again.

This lipo head flashes off and on and sends relaxing heat through your tummy into the yellow blobs of fat. They warm up gently with NO PAIN and they then burst releasing all the fat in each blob. The fat whooshes through your body and you wee the fat away over the next few days leaving your treated area reduced. This fat will NOT come back. If you go away after treatment and your lifestyle eventually puts it on again, then this is new. You may need treatment again in the future.

The majority of my clients see a difference straight away. I have been doing a treatment before and I can see the difference as I am going. Its that amazing. Clients friends’ have visited with them and have watched what I am doing and they too have seen a difference as I go. Its a miracle. Things like this are too good to be true. I know, I get it. If I did not own the company, I would think that too. But, this is why I invested in this, as it actually works. Its not a wrap, eat something and it goes back on. It is NOT painful. It is NOT surgery. It is NOT expensive, and there are NO side affects.

I then move onto Cryolypolicis. This can be done in your treatment after I have completed the treatment time on your lipo. This head is cooler and it does the opposite of lipo. It freezes the yellow globs and as you go about your daily life after a treatment, the frozen globs melt slowly. This means that upto 6 months after your last treatment with me is when you will see your best results if you have this done. Not all clients need this.

So, after the fat is removed I can then use another miracle part of my machine and tighten the skin. If you have surgical lipo, they do not tighten up your skin after they have surgically removed the yellow globs. I DO. I have tightened loose skin by an 1” after children and extreme weight loss. WITHOUT SURGERY. I have helped clients who have been left botched by surgery and unevenness. I can help. I have clients who have told me their surgeon was the only option. One of my ladies booked and was saving for a 5,500 pound tummy tuck next year. I asked her to give me a go and she’s cancelled the tummy tuck after having an amazing result. This is why I got into this. We then measure you again and note on your chart any difference and take a after photo. While the client is dressing, I get both photo’s side by side to compare the difference.

I keep my prices low, not for anything more than I’m happy to receive this amount without being greedy and it ensures I can treat anyone. To save for the treatment costs in other professional clinics is just impossible for some. I want to help these clients. I can make it affordable to reach more clients who need my help. I have also offered free treatments too. A lady got in touch after extreme domestic violence and I helped her. I had a request from the mum of a teenager to help with her stretchmarks. I offered her free treatments.

Rachel ♥
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