How long does it take?
1 hour for the first appointment. We will complete all the relevant paperwork and consent forms. Subsequent appointments are approximately 45 minutes.
Does it hurt?
Cavitation Liposuction and Cryolipolisis does not hurt. None of my treatments are painful at all. You can have a treatment and go back to work/home immediately. No needles either!
How much does it cost?
I single session is £59 each time. You can pre-book a course of treatments and you can look at my offers which are updated regularly. Typically though, to treat the tummy (for example) area a client may need 6 – 8 treatments to potentially see a 2 – 4 inch loss. Check out my latest offers.
Will I lose weight?
No, I wish I could do that for you. BUT, this is better. I can sculpt and contour areas of your body that have bothered you. You can start to indent a waist or knees or even upper thighs in a course of treatments plus many more areas. Book a free consultation today.
Will I see a change immediately?
90% of my clients do. Fact! I cannot guarantee on your first session you will get a sixpack. But if you have a cellulite or stretchmark appearance course of treatments, you would not be disappointed. That I CAN guarantee.
Why do I have to drink 1 litre of water before treatment.
I drain the fat naturally through your lymphatic system, so if you have water on board and continue during your course of treatments, it will improve the result that you have paid for. Also, I advise to eat no carbs or have alcohol during sessions but, it is up to you if you do not, it just will not give you the optimum result.
I have a medical condition. Can I be treated?
I have put a list of conditions that I am unable to treat or can only treat with a letter from your GP, approving your treatment.
Cancellation Policy?
If you cancel your appointment without giving 24 hours notice, cancellations fees may apply.
Do you accept card payments?
I do. I accept all visa debit cards and credit cards and contactless upto £30. There is a small 50p fee ONLY for processing credit card transactions.
Do I have to pay upfront?

For any offers, I would need payments on your first appointment and before we commence your treatment so at the second appointment we get straight to the good bit. For pay as you go £59 sessions, I would require payment before a session can commence.

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